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TCP Industries, LLC

Since 1980

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Our Products

Brute Super-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser   USDA Approved.

Chloridet Heavy Duty Cleaner With Bleach

Descaler #1 Inhibited Acid Descaler

Geniesolve Sythetic Solvent

Gloss Premium Car Wash Shampoo

Grapesol Municipal Solvent

I.O.C. Industrial Odor Counteractant

Kleenall Cleaner - Degreaser - Dispersant - Line Flush

Nu-View Pro Glass Cleaner

Powerhouse Pressure Wash

Scale-X Rust & Scale Remover

Super-14 Caustic Based Degreaser

Super Turbodet Powdered Automatic Parts Washer Detergent

TCP Concentrate Neutral pH Detergent

Tire Bright Rubber Treatment

All products are available in our standard 55 gallon drums and also 4 X 1 gallons per case, 5 gallon pails, 15 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, and 330 gallon totes.

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